Modern trends in home décor

Every home, like its owner deserves to be pampered. A well-designed luxury apartment in Mumbai, from the inside, is an object of attention and envy in one’s social circle. Over the years, home décor has taken the world by storm and new trends emerge every year. As the world comes closer, distance or geographies no longer define tastes.

Moving forward, 2017 is going to be the year where we will see the evolution of new conventional trends and designs and will focus on simplicity rather than heavy designs and décor.

Eco-Friendly Home Décor

For a luxury property in Mumbai and for those ecologically conscious, the trend will shift towards being simple and spacious. Move over artificial plants, flowerpots and indoor vines should be your preferred choice if you’re looking at accentuating ventilation in your home. The key to a fresh and colorful interior décor is to use indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your décor needs to stand out and to feel complete.

Designs on the wall

A smart way to give your room a little colour and decor without too much of an effort is to add a few colour coordinated bits of wallpaper. What once was considered a sign of dated decor now has homeowners skipping a standard coat of paint for cheeky patterns and colors that lift a room’s energy. Wallpaper is one of the most maximum-impact moments you can create in decorating today. It really converts a dull room into something magical.

Navy Blue is the new trending colour

Whether you’re looking to accent your room or update your kitchen cabinets, navy blue has become the preferred alternative these days. A modern twist with a traditional feel, navy blue pairs well with practically any colour scheme, and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small.

Over-the-top embellishments and patterns

Bring the luxe world of high-end hotels and restaurants to your humble abode. Silks, velvets, embroidery, and larger-than-life trim work create an almost regal appeal in traditional homes. Modern homes are better accented with metallic pieces and rich textures.

Steam Showers

A trend currently seen when redesigning master bathrooms is a large steam shower instead of a shower or a bathtub. Like a bathtub, the steam shower provides a luxurious, spa-like retreat but takes up less square footage then a shower and a bathtub combined.

Graphic Furniture

Gone is the plain console table or run-of-the-mill cabinet. Adding a high-contrast, multi-dimensional detail to a furniture piece adds so much character to your furniture and living space. It’s a great way to create some personal style to your home, add contrast or a pop of color.

The Art Advantage

Artwork takes center stage when paired with soft colors and natural finishes. Highlight the colors and textures in a piece with subtle surroundings and let them highlight the style of your space.

Playful Prints

With digital printing at the forefront of fabric, why not pick a theme and run with it? Playful prints from a curated collection are an easy shortcut for making your coordinating fabrics look effortless.

Define your own style and explore these trends to breathe new life into your home with fresh easy updates and rejuvenated style.




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